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VW Amarok Concept Ute

on Wed, 06/03/2013 - 17:58

Lots of concept cars around at the moment, but I don't bother with a post unless they're offroad-worthy or otherwise notable.  This Amarok isn't really a concept, more a bit of a mod but one that improves offroad capability.  The truck has a 40mm suspension lift and 275/65/18 (32" tall) tyres to give it a total of 85mm extra lift over the standard Amarok.  All goodness.  No word on whether they've strengthened the axles and drivetrain to match, or changed the final drives or re-tuned the suspension - remember, this is conceptland where such arcane technical details don't matter.  Instead, the press release goes into loving detail about carbon-fibre kayaks (yes, I kid you not).  This Amarok is, still, part-time 4WD.   But don't forget the carbon-fibre kayaks!

Anyway, good on VW for doing this.  We need more such concepts!


So while the ute looks good, VW can't help themselves and enter the fantasy world of car marketing:

The pick-up’s body, which shimmers in the three-layer effects of its bright ‘Baladi Orange’ paint

Providing additional visual accents are the smoked rear lights and the colour-contrasting underbody protection.

Two electrically deployed tread plates make it easy for all occupants to step into and out of the vehicle, despite the raised ride height.

The decorative seams on the seats take on the orange-red colour of the body. This colour is also reflected in numerous other details such as in the seams of the three-spoke steering wheel and gear shift lever trim, the safety belts and the air outlets.

That's all very nice, but like I said, let's talk tech specs and capablity first.  Then, if those are up to the mark we can get onto the visual niceties.