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Improvements to the LC200

on Sun, 21/07/2013 - 13:38

Toyota have replaced the 4.7L petrol engine in the LC200 with a 4.6.  Power is up 13% to 288Kw @ 5500 rpm, torque up 7% to 439Nm @ 3500 rpm.  Fuel efficiency is now better by 6% to 13.6L/100km (ADR81/01) and there's now a six-speed auto instead of a five - the same AB60F unit as in the diesels but with a taller final drive, 4.3:1 instead of 3.9:1.

The diesel remains the same at 195Kw / 650Nm, fuel efficiency 10.3L/100km.  The petrol is not available in the GX grade, just GXL, VX and Sahara. 

All 200s now have a 93L main and 45L subtank, total 138L.

Crawl control has been improved and there's now five settings under 25km/h, up from 3 under about 5km/h.  The 200 also gains a skid-steer system at low speed and the ABS system has been improved again to better work on all surfaces.

Even the GX has six airbags - front seats, sides, curtains.

GXL gains a standard reversing camera, 8 seats and a 6.1" satnav screen. KDSS is standard, but $3250 extra for the diesel - because they know people will pay it.

Toyota's copy of Terrain Response, Multi-Terrain Select, is standard on VX and Sahara along with HID headlights.  The diesels are 7-seat, the petrols 8 - this would be due to weight as the payload is pretty ordinary on the 200 at the best of times and once the diesel donk is in plus all those luxo-features there's nothing left for actual people!


A good set of updates for the 200, nothing radical but what's changed is welcome.  Expect to see MTS, reversing cameras and satnav move down the range soon and I hope a revised diesel is on the way.  For all its capability the 200 remains crippled by its pathetic payload, and the aftermarket options help but don't fully solve the problem.

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